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Post by Lady Morrighan on Sun Mar 01, 2015 10:09 pm

This is for the True Believers Society, and all associated roleplays. Please post your sheet here, and specify which thread you're posting it for.
My Sheet: 
Name: Silas West
Age: 30
Eye Colour: Brown
Hair Colour: Black with a single grey stripe
Skin Colour: Tan
Height: [In cm] 180 cm
Weight: [In lbs] 160 lbs
Photographic ID: 
 The True Believers Society - OOC File
Why are you joining the TBS?: [This is your biography] Ever since he was a child, Silas has been visited by various UFOs for reasons he does not know. He believes that he has been aboard the ships, though the only proof he has are the night terrors common among abductees. He also has seen the Sasquatch on numerous occasions and has visited Loch Ness to see its monster. He joined the Society when he was 25 and in the next few years, he became the head of his local chapter. When he isn't working with the TBS, Silas works as a biology teacher at the high school where he often recruits many of the younger and more curious members for the TBS.
Extra: [Anything else not covered in the fields above] He is a very curious man, and a scientist. He's not prone to flights of fancy in spite of the fact that he believes he's been abducted on numerous occasions.
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