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The True Believers Society: Reptilian Overlords

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The True Believers Society: Reptilian Overlords Empty The True Believers Society: Reptilian Overlords

Post by Lady Morrighan on Sun Mar 01, 2015 10:08 pm

The True Believers: Reptilian Overlords

They are everywhere. Eyewitnesses report them. Governments deny them. Some come from space. A few come from the isolated regions of the Earth. Many do not believe in them. They are the Cryptids. Monsters like the Sasquatch, aliens like the Grays. Humanity has always believed that they are alone. But this is not the case. Those who believe in the existence of these creatures known has Cryptids have banded together to form the True Believer Society or the TBS. You are a member of the True Believer Society, and this is your story.

When you joined the True Believer Society, they asked you to fill out the following information for their files.

Eye Colour:
Hair Colour: 
Skin Colour:
Height: [In cm]
Weight: [In lbs]
Photographic ID: [ Not necessarily a .jpg or .png, you can use this to describe your character in text.]
Why are you joining the TBS?: [This is your biography]
Extra: [Anything else not covered in the fields above]
The leader of your local chapter of the True Believer Society has called an emergency meeting, and has not specified what the meeting is about. 

Please post all sheets to the OOC thread.
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