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Post by PapaDrow on Sat Mar 07, 2015 8:59 am

Amid the greasy smoke of ruined engine and torn metal of a crashed military truck in the middle of a forest shifting slowly to autumn, those who were freed of the meaning of the tasteless grey boiler suits under a small selection of personal clothing and the glaring numbers sewn into the lapels recovered in the back. A soldier who had given much to soothe a guilty conscience sputtered from the driver's seat, dark blue uniform staining dark as a jagged piece of glass lodged into his shoulder stole his life away. 

The air was still and quiet as woodland creatures held their breath, waiting and watching for the first of the freed to emerge from their tattered canvas shelter and into the soft light of the afternoon sun.

A cool breeze rustled through the forest, carrying with it the faint tones of mounting sirens as several prisoners failed to show up to roll call and a truck was discovered missing.

The time period is late/post WWII, meaning typical combat arms are guns of various description, though you would really only have a wide range of contraband smuggled out with you consisting of tools stolen from workshops, homemade bludgeons, and other melee weaponry. The soldier in the front seat is likely armed with a rifle, pistol, and nightstick. Races are 'standard' to a low-fantasy setting, civilized races are the most abundant (esp. humans and variations thereof), and you may have a wide variety of backgrounds and reasons to having been a prisoner of war. Magic has been on the down-low for quite some time, but common particularly with people of strong rural background in a 'hedge wizardry' form. The group is made up of prisoners of an active and raging war and the sympathetic soldier in the front seat. The prison camp had a wide variety of inmates- be them soldiers themselves, civilians from another county, or political dissidents (among many more). The forests that surround the prison camp (which you aren't terribly far from, unfortunately) are largely unexplored, underutilized, and have a set of intriguing rumors and myths describing arcane magics, lost spirits, and remnants of old orders haunting the area. 
You may describe yourself either through sheet (one can be provided if you want) or paragraph method, merely be sure to include information that others would know about you. Message me with expanded details, if you wish. 
Your primary goal is to avoid death. How you go about this is up to you, though ultimately, escape from hostile territory and into friendly hands is the best way to go about this at the moment. You are free to make up what lore you wish, though use common sense. Questions may be directed at me as you please.
While more of a looming threat than a lunatic prince, the enemy military (known as the East State Pact (being a collection of newly united nation-states), ESP, or 'Easties') is still only one of your troubles. 
Be wary of what sounds the breeze brings, and the shadowy darkness that seals around light like a smothering blanket, at night.


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