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Sci-fi Dungeon Crawl Idea Empty Sci-fi Dungeon Crawl Idea

Post by Kathryn on Tue Mar 03, 2015 7:06 pm

An older member of the community created this for me upon request. I was curious to know if anybody had interest in it.

The foul stench of corruption, deception, greed, and death were the only remnants of the once proud capital of the Duverian Empire, Duveria Prime. Subjugated by a series of wars and mad emperors, the old capital world became a crypt for the dead and demented. The planet itself was largely abandoned except for the capital of Koth, which was nothing more than a trading outpost now, which was a far cry from the glorious classical architecture that dominated the area for square kilometers. The trading outpost stood for one reason, and one reason only.

It was created to profit from the adventurers who dared to delve into the depths of the evil planet and return with the rumored riches that lay below from generations of powerful kings, noblemen, and emperors. With that search for great riches came the greatest price any being could pay - death.

These are the tales of the adventurers who dared to stake their lives for fortunes.


”The Planet”:

Duveria Prime was once the epitome of human advancement and wealth. It’s sparkling cities housed some of the wealthiest humans to ever live, along with being a center for cultural development for the human race. It was said that Duver Konlor II had initiated a curse during one of his crusades against an alien species that would cause every other Emperor after him to become mad, obsessed with wealth and personal gain over their civil duties to their people.

From Konlor III to Ostrovich XVI, Duverian society spiraled into a catastrophic mess. Assassinations, murders, and attempted coups were common place. Civil War ran rampant by the time of Ostrovich XVI. Radicalism became commonplace in society. So after centuries of standing tall, the Duverian Empire fell, and Duveria Prime became the example of what the remnants of the Empire were. Duver Ostrovich XVI, named ‘Ostrovich the Mad’, was the center piece to the corruption of his planet.

Fearing his own loss of wealth, he distributed the wealth of Duveria’s aristocratic upper class into the Kothinian tombs beneath the ruins of the city, guarded by his followers who had begun to form a cult around him and worshipping him as a deity. Furthermore, the curse that had afflicted the mad emperor took a stranglehold upon the dead, raising them to fight and protect the tombs from potential threats. The vast expanses above ground were home to brigands, pirates, and other abominations seeking sanctuary from the light and were just as formidable as their underground counterparts.


The only considerable bulwark of modern society left on the planet was the trading outpost of Ballumist, which resembled more of a shantytown than an actual modern trading outpost. A conglomeration of ruined classical buildings from a time of great prosperity and hastily built structures made of crude material were what defined the town. Ballumist served as the resting point for those exploring the planet in search of rumors told to them. The cynical atmosphere of the planet and the generally unsanitary condition of the trading outpost is often a boundary that divides the weak from the strong.

Buildings of Ballumist

  • Cathedral - A place of stress relief and holy endeavors, the withering classical walls have become a sanctuary to the mad, desperate, and lost.
  • Inn - A ruggedly built three story inn designed to satisfy those with a need for lust, rest, risks, and hunger.
  • Port - The ruins of an old hangar are the first sights seen by fresh blood disembarking onto the dismal planet.
  • Workshop - Working relentlessly day and night, the weaponsmiths and armorsmiths of the old classical workshop improve the equipment of those leaving for fortunes.
  • Trading Post - The small market area of Ballumist is home to the merchants who bring wares far and wide from across the galaxy. The intense competition among merchants for customers often has new stalls replacing old ones frequently.
  • Graveyard - The small graveyard behind the cathedral had to be expanded recently due to the high amounts of fatalities - either by the result of brutal deaths in expeditions or suicide. Often times crude markers tell who is buried where unless the dead individual had some sort of wealth.
  • Clinic - The few surgeons, doctors, and nurses who dared to expand their service to the trading outpost have seen their fair share of horrors and wealth within the walls of a crumbling gymnasium.
  • Governor’s Mansion - The only source of centralized government in the small trading outpost is in the governor’s mansion, a large classical home built to give comfort to Duverian aristocrats of the past. The Governor is often seen for land grants and trading permits.
  • Halls - An old Duverian university now stands as the camping grounds for most parties and individuals who are not indulging themselves around the trading outpost or on expeditions.
  • Appendix - The recently rebuilt ruins of an old Duverian library harbor information regarding the vast expanses beyond the trading outpost about the beasts that wander the lands and the terrain itself.


  • NPC interactions, enemy spawns, and other useful outside information will be provided by the game moderator.
  • The game moderator reserves the right to balance character sheets that are considered ‘overpowered’. However, the game moderator only retains this right to directly tamper with sheets during the acceptance stage.
  • Legends are not made in these dungeons. Scale appropriate morality and realism to your character or the game moderator will (you may not like his/her decision).
  • Characters can die based upon the decisions they make. You are allowed to have multiple characters, but you may only control 1 character per party. You can also create new characters while the RP is going.


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Sci-fi Dungeon Crawl Idea Empty Re: Sci-fi Dungeon Crawl Idea

Post by Lady Morrighan on Tue Mar 03, 2015 8:27 pm

Is that comic sans?

Other than that yeah i"m up for it.
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