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Post by Lady Morrighan on Sun Mar 01, 2015 10:04 pm

The sugar drops are rotten, the lollipop trees in the Lollipop Woods are sticky with a disgusting, dripping goo. The licorice grass spreads out from everywhere. The Evil Lord Licorice stands at the top, in the cracked halls of the Candy Castle, and King Kandy has vanished from the world. The Jolly Gumdrop Man is the leader of a rebel faciton, the Lollipop Wood's Princess Lolly is unhappily married to the Lord Licorice, and the Candy Cane Man is a feared hermit in the Candy Cane Forests, angry by the spread of the Licrorice grass. A small faction of humans and Gingerbread Men have set up a rebellion in Duke of Swirl's Ice Cream Slopes, one of the few places left untouched by the Licorice grass. The Ice Palace has shut it's borders to prevent the Lord Licorice from crying foul and attacking them, though secertly she aids the Duke of Swirl and the faction on the Ice Cream Slopes. Somebody has to step up and defeat the Licorice Lord, will you?
1) You can't be one of the main characters listed above.
2) You can be a human, a Licorice Creature (explained below in the monster section), or any other kind of candy/sweet food character.
3) Please post your sheets in the OOC thread.
Licorice Creatures- Made out of Licorice, most can turn you into one of them. If their bodies aren't carefully disposed of with fire, they spread Licorice Grass. The cure against becoming a Licorice Creature is found only in the Ice Palace.
All Licorice Creatures are found everywhere but the Ice Cream Slopes and Icey Palace, unless stated otherwise.
Licorice Beastie- A small four legged animal with sharp teeth. Their bite can turn you into a Licorice Beastie.
Licorice Klinger- A medium sized four legged animal with sharp teeth and claws. If they don't bite you, they cling on to you until they die or you do. Their bite or even their spit on a wound will turn you into one of them. 
Licorice Guard- Humans infused with the DNA of Lord Licorice, they fight with swords made from licorice, they don't turn you when they attack you, though if captured, they can/will take you to the Licoricing Machina, and turn you into one of them. Can call on Beasties to help them in battle.
Licorice Grass Swarm- An angry patch of Licorice Grass, it whips around like blades cutting your legs up until you fall down and die, and are converted into Licorice Grass. 
Licorice Vine- a low hanging vine of Licorice that whips around and attacks passer byers. Found only in the Lollipop Woods, and rarely in the Candy Cane Forest.
Ice Cream Creatures- made from Ice cream, most can be helpful if not attacked. All Ice Cream Creatures are found only in the Ice Cream Slopes and Icey Palace.
Small Yeti- A small furry creature addicted to ice cream. If anything is covered in ice cream, it goes into a frenzy. attacking the covered creature at will. If there is more than one, a feeding frenzy starts.
Snoball- A meduim sized ball covered in coconut shavings, used to sleep under and ride. They have no attack, but if going down hill can move very fast by tucking their legs beneath them and rolling.
Large Yeti- A rather large furry creature, addicted to ice cream and cones, they feed on Snoballs as well. If you smell like one, they'll attack you.
Lollipop Creatures- Creatures that roam the Lollipop Woods, most are responsible for the rotting goo on the Lollipop trees.
Gooling- A small black amobeac like creature, found in swarms eating and converting the lollipop trees into the goo that drips unpleasently through the woods. 
Glumly- Creatures that feed on the Gooling's waste, and producing Licorice Grass.
Lollipop Fairie- helpful creatures, they heal you and bring you back to life if you need it, very rare and only encountered in the Lollipop Woods, and even more rarely in the Candy Cane Forest.
Character Sheet:
Character age:
Race: (Gingerbread people, Human, Creature, etc.)
Starting Location: (Candy Castle, Lollipop Woods, Ice Cream Slopes, etc.)
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